Assembly 926

The Albert Gallatin General Assembly No. 926, Fourth Degree Knights of Columbus was chartered on October 28, 1955.  Membership is comprised of Forth Degree Knights from the following Councils, Uniontown 1275, Masontown 4261, Holy Innocents 3461 (Brownsville), Great Meadow 9584 (Farmington).  The assembly meets the 4th Wednesday of the Month rotating between Uniontown and Masontown Council Homes.  Assembly 926 is a member of the Calvert Province (, Pennsylvania West District.

Faithful Navigator:

Joseph Korelko

Faithful Friar:

Rev. Matthew Brozovic

Faithful Captain:

Jonathan Tajc

Faithful Pilot:

A. J. Gasparatz

Faithful Comptroller:

Martin Gasparatz Jr.

Faithful Scribe:

Richard Tajc

Faithful Purser:

Joseph Korelko III, PFN

Faithful Inner Sentinel:

Louis Centofanti II

Faithful Outer Sentinel:

James Maust, PFN

Faithful Admiral:

Kevin Rohm

Faithful Trustees:

3rd Year

2nd Year

1st Year


Anthony Bartock Sr., PFN

Ronald Tajc

John Stossel

Color Corps Commander:

James Maust, PFN

Uniontown, PA Council 1275
888 North Gallatin Avenue Extension    Uniontown, PA 15401
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