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On August 30, 1997, the Knights of Columbus of Western PA placed a Memorial for the Aborted Unborn on the hallowed grounds of Mt. St. Macrina in Uniontown. This stone was placed not only to remember the innocent unknown victims but also to console those mothers who are experiencing guilt and regret for the bad decision that they had made. Uniontown Council 1275 has taken the responsibility of caring for this memorial and the surrounding area.
Memorial For The Unborn
The Spiritual Mothers and the Knights of Columbus of Uniontown began a “Holy Hour of Healing and Justice” at St. Joseph Church, Walnut Hill Road, Uniontown, on March 20, 2019. Every third Wednesday of the month at 5 p.m. prayers are said by all present before the Blessed Sacrament asking for the Healing, Justice and Repentance of all those who were victimized or involved in the horrible abuse scandal. The Prayer for Healing, the Litany for Healing and Justice, and rosary meditations come from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops for Youth and Child Protection. The remainder of the hour is for the Holiness and Abundance of a devoted priesthood which consists of the Cenacle Prayer for Priests, the Divine Chaplet, and personal prayers. The Holy Hour ends in Benediction.
Holy Hour Of Healing & Justice
Spiritual Motherhood is a call to pray for priests. Spiritual Mothers are comprised of a group of devout women who have agreed to pray for their Spiritual Son. Their “Son” is chosen by lottery from a group of local priests who serve the local Catholic Community. The “Mother” agrees to pray for her “Son” daily. She also sends him a card anonymously, once or twice a year, signed simply “Your Spiritual Mother.” The cards can be sent on the priest's birthday and/or his anniversary of ordination. This organization is very cloistered. There are no meetings. There are no dues. It is simply a promise to pray. The goal is to support our priests with prayer. Upon the death of the Spiritual Mother, the priest will be notified of her identity, so that he may now pray for her soul.
Who Are The Spiritual Mothers?
Father Gregory Mansour, who was pastor of St. George Maronite Church in 1989, approached the Altar Rosary Society to have a special initiative to honor Mary the Mother of God. A young seminarian, Jack Morrison who was associated with and helped the Society, suggested the Rosary Walk. The Altar Rosary Society reached out to the Diocese of Greensburg of their intentions in wanting the Diocese’s permission for the other churches of Uniontown to participate. The Diocese approved and set in stone that the third Sunday in September was the Annual Rosary Walk sponsored by the Altar Rosary Society of St. George Maronite Church.

The Knights of Columbus Council 1275 has been participating as a group helping in the Rosary Walk by leading the procession through Uniontown and assisting the police as crossing guards throughout the city streets and intersections.
Rosary Walk
These five Knights from Council 1275 look forward to Thursday mornings devoting their time and energy at the Pirohi Factory (aka St. John the Baptist school) at 185 East Main Street, Uniontown.

Sitting front row left to right: Walt Pleban, Coordinator Elaine Wilson, Rich Pikulsky
Back row left to right: Paul Kachur, Ron Tajc, Tom Palya, Joe Kukan (not pictured).
Pirohi Sale
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"America Needs Fatima" is a nationwide event when we answer our Blessed Mother's call to pray for the healing and conversion of our country through public prayer. Deb Stepanik has organized this happening locally under the Veterans' Flag at the Uniontown Mall which she plans to do every October and May. Uniontown Counci 1275 has been supporting AMF event financially and assisting Deb Stepanik with related needs for the day.
America Needs Fatima