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On Monday, April 4, 2016, this half-page pro-life story was published in the Uniontown Herald Standard newspaper. The upper portion of the ad depicts a tiny human being, 6 to 8 weeks old, alive and swimming in a full embryonic sac during a ruptured ectopic pregnancy.
At the bottom of the ad is a picture of Thomas J. Nypaver along with the emblems of the Knights of Columbus. Tom was a 3rd Degree Knight who died at the age of 59 from a terminal illness. Being the Knight Tom was proud to be, Tomís mother Helen asked the 4th Degree Honor Guard to stand by Tom at the funeral home. After the funeral, Mrs. Nypaver donated a sum of money to the Knights of Columbus of Uniontown. It was only fitting and proper to have the memory of Thomas J. Nypaver and his Knighthood in the Knights of Columbus associated with Protection and Life of the Unborn Child that Tom strongly believed in.

Please read the entire story and comments (Life Before Birth) written by Paul Rockwell, M.D.
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